Screen Printing and my Love for Digital Media

As a senior at the University of Denver I found myself with an abundance of credits that needed to be filled outside of my two majors. This gave me the incredible opportunity to fulfill my life long goal of learning how to screen print. And print I did, as I convinced my professor of Intro to Screen Printing to offer an advanced class the next quarter. These two classes allowed me to realize several things about myself, the most important being that I am OK with spending hours upon hours in a studio late into the night with only music and a “canvas” to entertain myself.

I love being creative, letting energy flow throughout my body. Expressing who I am, what I’m surrounded by, and reinventing ways to view the world. This passion has led me into the realm of digital art and I am incredibly grateful for the gifts I have been bestowed by some of the best teachers in the world. Our environment is changing, social dynamics are shifting, the status quo is not what it once was. With the integration of the internet and a developing social media landscape, we as human beings have found yet another level to connect on and share ideas through.

The image below is a digital draft of a screen print I produced for my project that focused on event posters. The process of initially drawing an image to digitally reformatting it only to separate it into layers to screen print may seem tedious and excessive, but I found each process taught me something new and posed different challenges. I believe that to continually challenge oneself is the best way grow and learn while staying open-minded and happy.

And here is one version of the screen print I produced.






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